The FastBack creeper

To all my mechanic friends!

18493028_1703053309708317_36565948_o This weekend I got to try the FastBack, a new creeper made by Creepex that’s very comfy and super efficient when it comes to move around, even when there are cords laying around. It even has little trays on top of it to put tools, bolts or even a snack. (You know I always have M&M’s when I work, right? :) ) [Read more…]

I’m back !

2017-03-23 11.16.45Hey guys! I have been pretty quiet since last year! Trust me, lots of things happened, I guess I just wasn’t motivated to write about it… but this morning, I feel good. I feel like the motivation is back and I know this summer will be a bad a$$ one!  Oh yeah! So I wouldn’t say I’m back 100% from my May 2015 accident, since I still have massive migraines, headaches and other little issues, but overall, I’m great and there are not a lot of things I can’t do ! It makes it easier to be happy and feel good about yourself when you don’t feel trapped.

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Lots of things happened since last year…

Lots of things happened since last year… That’s kind of an understatement

11103216_676025769168315_2549568610734155481_o1- I had a bad 4×4 related accident that could have left me paralyzed or worse… but I ended up being “lucky” and was taken in charge by a neurologist right on time… One year after, I still have complications from it though.

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Miss Tool Box 2014 recap!

2014-recap-small2014 is almost over! Wasn’t always easy, but I made it through!  Winston Churchill once said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” That’s pretty much what I did!



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Mega Truck Magazine – New Challenge for me!

Monthly articles in the new Mega Truck Magazine! I'm writing about off roading, with a touch of femininity! There is a new magazine in town, and I am a part of it !

As you may know, (or sorry to tell you this… ) Mud Life Magazine will no longer be printed :( As much as this news saddened me, I was also excited to hear about a new magazine coming out ! Mega Truck Magazine! This magazine will be about mega trucks, events, tech articles and more!

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XSurge LED Lights testing

x surgeWhen off roading at night, regular headlights just won’t cut it. I got 6″ Pro Sport HID lights from KC HiLiTES, which are awesome, but when XSurge, a Canadian company,  came out with the new 50″ LED light bar and came to talk to me about getting one for my Jeep to test it, I jumped on the occasion ! I already thought that LED bars added a cool look on Jeeps and other vehicles, so why not try one on Yoshi! [Read more…]

NecksGen – Head and Neck Restraint

Last year, I participated in my first obstacle course race, here in Quebec. I LOVED it! I knew I was going to do more of those events in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love off roading with friends, but there is something about adrenaline and blood pumping that makes racing very fun and addictive! Here is the video of my two races from last year: [Read more…]