All Things Jeep – Go Topless Day event – May 17th, 2014


Go Topless Day 2014 FINAL logosLast year, I wanted to take a picture to represent the Go topless Day event so bad, but my Jeep had all kinds of issues, and was not ready on time for the event… I was disappointed, but it meant I had a whole year to get ready for this year’s edition… you would think that’s more than enough, right? But don’t forget I am a girl, so nothing is simple, and I ended up getting this picture taken 2 days ago, and almost missed the deadline! Haha! [Read more…]

Why “Yoshi” ?

Yoshi-small“What’s your Jeep’s name” is no longer something people ask me. My Jeep is “Yoshi” and this is a pretty well known fact by now, hence the “” idea, (I even asked for the permission to use it! ) [Read more…]

“Why Miss Tool Box” ?

This is certainly one of the questions I get the most. “Why Miss Tool Box”??? Well actually, this comes from one of the first couple months I was in Michigan, crewing for Team Scream… [Read more…]

When I drove Wrecking Crew

Stephanie Cotnoir (8)September 2012: I finally got the chance of a lifetime! I drove Wrecking Crew in an event in Massachussets! I won the wheelie contest, and also won the racing finale against Avenger! This was an incredible adventure! Those who would be tempted to say “oh you are so lucky” well I have to say something: this has nothing to do with luck. I deserved my chance! :) [Read more…]

YOSHI: Love & Hate Relationship… But Mostly Hate! ;-)

Mont Belair (4)May 2013 !

OKAY So I’ve had some people wondering about my attitude towards my JEEP… Yeah I am discouraged & sad. I feel defeated and I feel like I’ve been dumped. No matter how hard I try, and all the effort I put towards it, it’s never enough.  I know it might be a temporary feeling, but right now, that’s how I feel… [Read more…]

Getting Ready For The World Finals


Team Scream crew girl Stephanie’s point of view

Question asked: How do you prepare for the World Finals?

My answer: Sooooooooooooooo, let’s talk about the World Finals. Getting the trucks ready is always very important since we want to get there with the best chance at winning! Of course we also have to think about Avenger’s new body paint… and should we make a new body for Wrecking Crew since it is on display? What about tires, what tires are we going to bring? We have a show after that in Arizona, so we need spare parts too… and an extra body for Avenger. We will also need fuel, and oil… hmm… [Read more…]