Custom Karmlets by Karma Juice Clothing

karma 1Couple years ago, I met Joey Sylvester and his sister Krysta through monster truck biz ! Via their Facebook pages, I discovered Karma Juice Clothing, founded by Krysta & her husband Jeff! They offer a colorful clothing line that is unique and look amazing!

My favorite item? The custom Karmlets! I love jewelry, I love bracelets, and I love what is unique and stands out. Those Karmlets are made for me! I contacted Krysta and asked her if Jeff could make one for me, pink and green, since my Jeep is green and because I’m a pink freak. haha! Couple days after, I received my amazing Karmlet in the mail ! I was stoked! It’s perfect!!!

I’ve been wearing it to every single off road events I’ve been to ever since I got it. It quickly became my good luck charm, and you can see it on multitude of photos and videos. Even made it on national TV here in Quebec!

Yesterday, I got a really nice surprise in the mail! Jeff made a new custom Karlmet for me! It is pink and black, with a small gear on it! I love it! If you are looking for something unique, awesome and that is tough (I put it through mud and oil and dirt, and it’s still intact!), order a Karmlet! It makes a great gift too!

Karmlet 2

For more info or to order:!  Tell them I sent you !

Bonus: Karma Juice Clothing did a feature on me on their blog. Check it out!