Love & Hate update

Mont Belair (4)May 2013 !

OKAY So I’ve had some people wondering about my attitude towards my JEEP… Yeah I am discouraged & sad. I feel defeated and I feel like I’ve been dumped. No matter how hard I try, and all the effort I put towards it, it’s never enough.  I know it might be a temporary feeling, but right now, that’s how I feel…

SOOOOOOO, I think it’s time for me to get the record straight to enlighten those who have NO IDEA whatsoever what I’ve been through with my JEEP since I got it. And believe me, I am not complaining, but rather sharing my story! Hope at one point it can make you laugh.

“Off road trucks break, that’s what they do” … YEAH no shit! I know that! But this is just plain crazy. My Jeep breaks while I’m on my way to the gaz station, not in the middle of a mud hole (not that he never broke while in a mud hole, but that’s another story) or the rad plug just decide to break while the jeep is parked (I’ll explain later)…. JEEZ.
“Breaking once in a while is normal Steph, my truck broke twice last year, I know what I’m talking about” REALLY? Twice in a summer? Try twice a week !

Let’s try to remember everything that broke on this Jeep….  OK, so right after I bought it, I changed 4 bushings (normal ish), had to change the location of the muffler, which decided to suddenly get STUCK on my driveshaft while going up a hill (yeah and the muffler guy was like: that’s impossible that it did that. REALLY? cause it did !) SO, had to install new mounts on it as well. THEN, the heater broke so I had to buy a new one and now the resistance is broken as well (So I have 0 heat or full blast lol). Oh yeah and during my first trail, my 4×4 shifter bolt came lousse so my truck went on neutral by itself. Very useful. So I fixed it.. well I thought I did, cause after that my shifter would not shift… yeah. haha! But anyway it ended up being fine, but since I fixed the bolt, the shifter arm moved so in my mind, it wasn’t shifting because it wasn’t at the right position, but in fact it was… anyway…  So I made some test, drove it around… then noticed I had no power… like my transmission wasn’t shifting??? Told some friends I had moved a cable while fixing the shifter, sent a photo, and they were like: who cares, that’s for your hand brake, and it’s gone… so they were like: that’s not your problem. As I was crying all alone (barely exaggerating) my friend Phil came over and went:  OH YEAH you moved the cable that is supposed to tell your trans that you are giving gaz, so that it should shift (or something like that). .. Hmmm wow?! lol

Then the radiator plug broke (I was washing it, and the water gently hit the plug which decided to kinda explode????) so I had a lake of coolant all over my driveway and pants, screaming “MOM GET ME A PANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”. My mom LOVED IT. So I succeeded to put something there temporarily and took it to the Radiator place to get a new plug…. parts of the old one was stuck in there so they had to REMOVE my rad to fix it…. By doing that, we realised my trans fluid was pink… yep water in the pan ! SO fixed the rad, then on my way I went…. On my way to my friend’s to use his garage to drain my tranny, and take apart my front diff apart to change the seals, since oil was somewhat dumping on the ground…. Took me 15 hours, I’m a rookie at taking JEEP diff apart, and know nothing about transmission, so yeah that took a while. OH YEAH also changed the front calipers, since my brake was junk and got stuck while offroading… that was fun. (I had help for that) ooh and I almost crashed when I was on my way back home at like 3 am.

Shortly after that, I broke 2 U JOINTS at the same time. When I noticed it, the axle shafts were already damaged so I had to replace both outer shafts, both inner shafts, and both u joints. So there I was, taking the whole front apart, once again ! At least it was pretty easy to remove since I had JUST did it… and I bought them off another friend who had spares.

Later, while cruising in the river, my supposedly just rebuilt transmission blew up. Oh yeah shame on me for rolling in the river… get over it lol ! It was still kind of running, so I attempted to drive home, but my truck died, and there again, a friend came a saved me, PULLING me home, then “raming” my bumper to make me back up in the driveway. Neighbours were like WTF???? So I had it rebuilt again and lost my JEEP for over a month.

THEN I got it back, realise the oil pan was leaking… no big deal, prolly just the gasket…. AND my crank sensor broke the day before the JEEP Rally… so here I was, Saturday at 9am, still in pajamas, at the part store to get my new crank sensor. Installed it, road tested it…. none of my turning lights were working…. WHAT?!? At least this time it was just wires that I moved around, so easy fix…

SO left for the rallye…. 10 minutes later on the highway, a freakin BIRD broke my windshield!!!! Huge crack, and feathers IN my jeep (through the open window), oh yeah the whole nine yards! … Then my soft top clip came off the windshield mount…. WOW! At least, once I finally got to the rallye. I had a blast (Wish my CB would have worked tho… lol) But still, it was fun, even tho my 4×4 shifter bolt once again came lousse and I chopped the tip of my finger trying to get back at the right spot. (I also cut my hands on barbell wire while attempting to jump a fence to go pee… lol)  After that I was all good for couple hours, till my radiator exploded! Temp gauge never moved, so never had any indication that the truck was running hot or something… so that was interesting. Thanks for a trailer and the CAA (AAA in Canada), I got home and it didn’t cost me a thing.

THEN changed the radiator… and since it could not go flawless, I put the trans fluid coolant backwards (my mistake) and while attempting to remove it, broke the brand new rad. Yeah no joke, and believe it or not, I remained calm.  so took it in to get it welded, then put it back.  ($$$$)

SWEET Brand new JEEP now !?…. not so much! Started it, left to go wash it… and Yoshi decided to just DIE. oh yeah. Driving down the street and just like that, nothing. “I’m a JEEP and I no longer wanna move” ARE YOU KIDDING?

Back to square one. Trailer, and analysis. Oil change, filter change, cleaning, PRAYING…. then it seemed fine… (even tho I really thought I had another major issue… but oh well) SO then I drove it to the storage, and it seemed fine… FINALLY (of course it would drive fine when it’s time to store it)…. Yoshi just wanted to hibernate I guess.

Spring 2013 came. I was so nervous to get my Jeep back…. but so excited too. Cause even tho he pisses me off, I love Yoshi, and I got all kind of cool things for him during the winter. So get there, re plugged the battery… IT STARTED THE FIRST TIME! wow, was I impressed! lol !

Then my rad was leaking, and I was freaking out, only to realise the cap wasn’t on properly….  Shortly after that, while doing some road testing, I realised my steering was lousse as heck, and my oil pressure was acting up. Going down to 0 at idle, my JEEP had no power at some point when trying to get some speed, etc. But no big deal, it did that before, so I took it to work, and REALLLLLLLY noticed was steering was screwed, and driving in a construction zone, very narrow, was dangerous… and there was a weird flock flock noise under the JEEP, more intense while I was turning or giving gaz…  WTF?!?!?

After running next to the JEEP while turning and speeding (I run fast… lol), trying to see what the flock flock-rubbing-like noise was,  I could not find anything….  Then popped the hood, checked it, and realised the coolant reservoir was unsnapped at the bottom, so the FAN was hitting it…. wow !!!!! Well at least this was an easy fix… BUT my oil pressure problem was still there, SOOOOOOO we spent all night changing the oil pump for a high volume…. which is like 5 mm longer, so it longer was fitting under the pan. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ! Thanks to Dan for cutting that extra piece of metal in the pan…. so now it was fitting there.

Started the JEEP OMG I’m excited, oil pressure is at 4! wow!  Drove it for a while, went on the highway, still thought it was lacking power to go fast… but everything else was fine. Took an exit, slowed down………. oil pressure went down to 2. Jeep was smelling funny, and I am just SO sick of it. I drove back home with tears in my eyes. No joke. :(

ALRIGHT, so that’s where I am. I think that’s it… but I do have the feeling I’m forgetting some things…. Anyway it gives you an idea.  This truck is stressing the crap outta me, I’m always scared something else will break. And then you have all those people telling you what’s wrong with it, without even looking at it… I’m grateful every time someone is willing to help, but I’m sure you know how annoying it is to have 45 people telling you different things. “Do that.” “NOOOOO DON’T DO THAT” …. Arg!  

Sooooooo honestly, can I get a break now? I called my mechanic, who is awesome, and almost screamed: HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPP. So yeah, I’ll dump Yoshi there tomorrow. and they better find what’s wrong with him and it better be something cheap to fix, or else YOSHI WILL BE UP FOR ADOPTION!!!

PS: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME! Thanks for letting me borrow your tools, your garage, your parts…. Thanks for wrenching on my truck, laughing at me being pissed, or for your moral support. I LOVE MY FRIENDS :D

July 2014 – UPDATED POST!

I decided I’d update this post with what had happened since last time I wrote! So back then, I did take my JEEP to my mechanic, which tested the fuel pump and discover there was close to no pressure, so he advised me to change the pump, saying it would be a major pain for them to do it due to my skid plate and all.

So I decided to bring the JEEP back home and figure it out. Bought a new fuel pump, and Dan said the best way to do it would be to cut the floor to get to the tank and get the fuel pump out, so we did that. I have to say it went pretty well. Took the pump out, tested it in a pan with fuel and realized it was indeed acting funny, so we put the new one in place. The JEEP was running better then, so yeah! Victory!



New high volume oil pump ordered. Let’s hope this will fix my big boy, since the oil pressure sending unit wasn’t the issue…This week’s goals: Changing oil pump, installing the horn, welding bracket for antenna, and flag pole.


Going from “The noise is caused by your engine, you have issues and it’s going to cost you lots of money” to “You’re fan was hitting your coolant reservoir which was causing the noise”

YEP…. Trying to find what was causing that crazy flock flock noise on my JEEP, worst when giving gaz…. people would say: engine, something loose in the front end, loose pan somewhere….. FINALLY, the fan was hitting my coolant reservoir since it was unsnapped at the bottom. Really?


Still have to change my oil pump tho… Bummer !



So my oil pressure is acting up, and most likely, it is my oil pressure sending unit that’s messed up…. but to make sure, I asked my friend Ian if I could borrow his so I can test it on my truck.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at like 9pm, it’s cold, and windy, and DARK, Dan and I go to Ian’s house. He isn’t there, but he said it was fine. So we park the car in front of his JEEP and leave the lights on, so we can see what we are doing… hmm not so much. Look for a flashlight???? Hmmm no. OH YEAH! light on my phone!!!! DARN IT, phone is dying…. Well ?

Dan has a little light on his phone as well, so let’s try.

-Dan: SCREW THIS, it is not at the same spot yours his, its lower…. I’ll get all dirty, I’m not dressed for that! Let’s come back in the morning (lol) (it would have made sense, but I’m stubborn, and I wanted to get it done…)
-Steph: We are here, let’s do it! *pull my sleeves up, freezing, and get to work*

The westcott wrench was the right tool, but it was totally annoying cause it was long and big and getting in the way of all the wires and stuff… SO it was a pain…

-Dan: SCREW THIS, let’s come back in the morning.
-Dan: You turned 1/4 of a turn and you need to turn like 10 times.
-Steph: We are here, I’ll get ittttttt!!!!

10 minutes later, laying on the ground (with my super nice new pair of jeans, I must add) I GOT THE UNIT !

heck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

So yeah bottom line: Do not listen to Dan when he wants me to give up, and just KEEP WRENCHING hahaha (This apply to this specific situation, cause I HAVE to say Dan has been a great help with Yoshi Need a good welder-fabicator? he’s the man! ) (Thanks for everything btw)

FYI : If I confirm that this is the problem on my truck, I’ll then get a new one. They are $26 on Quadratech, and like $51 here new (I have Quebec, sucks for parts!) Anyway still not very expensive to fix it… But I’ll still prolly go to the junk yard and get like 10 to make sure I have one that works

PS: Thanks Ian, and do not start your JEEP till I bring the unit back & Thanks Dan for the moral support haha

Congrats for reading it all




Didn’t have time to install your new horn ? (that’s me) Just turn your CB to PA, take the mic, and be ready to scream “WATCH OUT”…. See, no problem!


Today, I did what every girl does on her lunch break: Went to Canadian Tire, bought oil pans and a new horn for my Jeep… wait… what???


If you have ‘Telemag’ on your TV, check out Tunning 4×4 tomorrow night a 9:30 If not, I’ll post a link later this week if you want to see some footage of our trail !!!




Thinking about taking Yoshi to the Vermonster (in the fall) … but I need a sponsor/help to bring my JEEP down there… anyone? I could advertise, give stickers, whatever! INBOX me if interested! (or email:

Having Miss Tool Box as your ambassador would benefit your company, I promise hehe

My Jeep now has a horn! I no longer have to scream in my PA to get attention. Hahahaha
Sneak peak of my Pink tools shoot. lol 

Fixing my mud flap in style with a completely appropriate Trucks Gone Wild shirt and bunch of pink stuff around. lol


Flag is on. Love the brand new flag pole. Whoop whoop!
Next upgrade on my JEEP: BUSHWACKER Pocket Style Fender Flares. Thank you Bushwacker for coming on board Can`t wait to get my new fender flares! Yoshi will rock the style
Brand new fender flares: DELIVERED! Thank you Bushwacker ! Can’t wait to check them out & install them on my bad boy!
Chunks of crap- most likely clutches- in my tranny oil pan. Darn it!
Hello ! lol*Taking my pan off to change the gasket… and I found out in the process that I have chunks in the pan and on the filter…

I honestly just about sh** in my pants almost front flipping my truck going down a steep rocks hill. Of course nobody got pics or videos, but couple said their heart stopped. Don’t worry, mine stopped too, and apparently people heard me scream… Oops! I guess it happens…. BUT I SAVED IT, so its all good! haha! But other then that, I had an AWESOME day with great people


September 28, 2013 – breaking shit while breaking Vraky lol

JEEP Rally is in 4 days I’ve been waiting for this since last year! Hopefully this time everything goes smoothly, meaning no crank sensor breaking 1 day prior to the event, no bird smashing into my windshield on the way there, no exploded radiator, etc. haha ! But there is hope! Yoshi has been kicking butt all summer! This should be fun



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! & ATTEMPT AT DONUTS AND JEEP RUNNNING FOR SHIT
TAKING MY JEEP TO THE STORAGE: torque and trans exploded on higway: im no longer moving lol – END OF 2013<
My snorkel, my alternator, my radiator breaking the second time. My torque and trans dying on my way to storage…. The snow in front of garage door lol
Floor being junk when i took the seat out, Haha Zipper holding my windows with sheep tape LOL, My doors not opening anymore, I should write a novel “I love my Jeep… when I’m not busy hating him”