I’m back !

2017-03-23 11.16.45Hey guys! I have been pretty quiet since last year! Trust me, lots of things happened, I guess I just wasn’t motivated to write about it… but this morning, I feel good. I feel like the motivation is back and I know this summer will be a bad a$$ one!  Oh yeah! So I wouldn’t say I’m back 100% from my May 2015 accident, since I still have massive migraines, headaches and other little issues, but overall, I’m great and there are not a lot of things I can’t do ! It makes it easier to be happy and feel good about yourself when you don’t feel trapped.

2017-05-06 11.14.07So what’s new? Well Victoria is doing great, she is such a good dog, I couldn’t ask for a better fury girl! She did a shooting for a TV ad for a local pet store. It should be out in the fall. Can’t wait to see it! Everywhere we go, people all love her :) ! I’m glad I put the time, energy & money to make sure she would become a well behaved Mastiff ! hehe! Also, I started “canicross” which consists in running offroad with a dog harnessed to you. It’s awesome! It allowed me to meet great people, get back into shape, and push my limits! I even won an event and finish third in another event :) !  If you want to read more about canicross, I did write about it in this piece: CANICROSS


Becky the Husky and I during a Canicross race!

Also, I went to couple monster truck shows this year and I will go to several more shows this summer :) I missed being on the road and I miss working on trucks so bad, I had to go back ! When something is a passion, you can’t run away from it! You. Just. Can’t ! I do believe monster trucks will always be a part of my life !

stephanie-vore-off-track-71 instagram

Photo: Dustin Hart

In Vegas in March, on top of taking part in the World Finals and see Jim & Avenger kick butts in freestyle AND racing, I got to drive an off road truck thanks to Vore Off Road, which was amazing – especially since it was my first time back behind the wheel since my accident! The story and pics can be found in the most recent edition of Hors Route Magazine.

I also got to go to Cuba couple weeks ago, which was an amazing trip where I got to enjoy the sun and relax, which was must needed! (Vegas wasn’t enough haha) ! I’m planning couple other trips this summer and I can’t wait :)

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