NecksGen – Head and Neck Restraint

Last year, I participated in my first obstacle course race, here in Quebec. I LOVED it! I knew I was going to do more of those events in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love off roading with friends, but there is something about adrenaline and blood pumping that makes racing very fun and addictive! Here is the video of my two races from last year:

features-long (1)

NecksGen REV features

Watching this video, I noticed several things that I wanted to improve, all of them related to safety. First, I was bouncing a lot in my seat: so I got new Corbeau seats. My belt was not doing it’s job, as it let me smashed my helmet on the steering wheel: I got 5 points harness from RJS. Lastly, coming form the monster truck industry, I see all the drivers with neck restraints and since I got the chance to test it while I drove Wrecking Crew at an event, I knew I wanted a neck restraint device as well. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I got a NecksGen Rev, which is exactly what I used in Wrecking Crew, but the model made for off roading.

Installing NecksGen (11)

When I got the device, I thought it would be a pain to install in my helmets, since the foam is glued on there. I thought about different possibilities, such as making holes in the foam, which I really did not want to do… So I decided to try to peel the foam off, which turned out to be a success. I then noticed it was glued on with silicone!

Using advice found on a Youtube install video, tape was installed on the helmet to allow us to add marks where it needed to be drilled. (Dan did that part, while I was washing his truck outside!!!). So he taped, measured and we knew where we needed to drill the hole for the quick release hardware.

Installing NecksGen (17)Once drilled, we needed to put the washer and nut in the inside of the helmet to tight it. #JeepGirlProblem: with my super long nails (day after my cousin’s wedding), I wasn’t able to hold it there, so then again Dan came to the rescue!

And BOOM! That was it ! One side done!

Installing NecksGen (9)Took about 30 minutes total to install it, so it ended up going very smoothly and the instructions are pretty easy to follow, and there are some great install videos on Youtube as well.

So now, I’ve got all the material allowing me to perform, while being safe! Thank you NecksGen !

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