TeraFlex Suspensions in Quebec

Teraflex 1On September 27th, there was the Show & Shine, presented by Lifted Trucks Quebec. For the occasion, Dennis & Steve from TeraFlex Suspensions were here in Quebec, to get some footage for a video that they were making of their trip.

I did talk to Dennis on Facebook before the event, but it was pretty sweet to get to meet him and talk to him and Steve about the off roading community here in Quebec. When they asked me if I wanted to be a part of their video, I was ecstatic! What a great opportunity!

So Dan and I took Dennis and Steve off roading! Since the segment was highlighting women in the industry, I also asked if my good friend Mel could come along! We had a great time, even tho it was pretty cold! OOOOOH! And I got a black and pink Teraflex hat! Scoooore :)

Click here to watch the video – at 7:03, you can hear my Snorkel break & we can hear Steve giggle hahahahahaha. How did I do that? Well it’s Dan’s fault! hahah! Steve wanted us to be like 15 feet apart, so I kept looking in my mirror cause Dan was like 45 feet behind, and one time, I got my eyes back on the road and well…. the tree was there! haha!