Woodstruck 2014: 2nd place!

mudYEEAAAHHHH !!! Coming back from an event with a muddy truck is always fun. Add to that a trophy and a money price: SCORE!!!

Mud racing at the Woodstruck 4×4 event was a very cool experience! I was very happy to finish 2nd in the Women Open class (4,6,8 stock & modified), especially considering I only got to race once in that class since my alternator gave up… But prior to that, I still got to make my 2 passes in 6 cylinders stock, and then again, it went really well. I’ll update this post once I know the times.

Proud moment: It was a round trip mud race, and I was the first and only person who was able to make the turn without backing up… and I did it twice: once in each line!I had a blast and hearing the crowd cheering me was pretty cool! (Videos coming soon-ish)!

Anyway so I’d like to thank all my sponsors and partners: without you, I couldn’t have done it. Also thank you to all my friends who came and cheered :) and to everyone who was in the pits, making sure Yoshi & I were all good :)

Woodstruck 2014 sponsors final very small