XSurge LED Lights testing

x surgeWhen off roading at night, regular headlights just won’t cut it. I got 6″ Pro Sport HID lights from KC HiLiTES, which are awesome, but when XSurge, a Canadian company,  came out with the new 50″ LED light bar and came to talk to me about getting one for my Jeep to test it, I jumped on the occasion ! I already thought that LED bars added a cool look on Jeeps and other vehicles, so why not try one on Yoshi!

2014-07-06 13.52.31It was very easy to install, as every tools and brackets needed are provided with the bar. The only additionnal tool you will need is a drill. In my case, mounting it on the windshield frame ended up being a bit more complicated than it should have been since my extra cage is located right where the bolts would come out in the inside of the truck, but we managed to make it work !  I already had an extra switch in the JEEP, so we hooked it there, and that was it! Of course it started raining and we finished with an umbrella, but still, it was done in no time! I might get an HD bracket to fix it on the windshield eventually, but for now, it’s fine the way it is !

I also got a 7.5″ bar to install in the rear, and let me tell you that this thing is amazing when you need to back up in the woods! I got very addicted to it after only 1 trail at night!

X surge test small2Everyone who sees it and witness how bright it gets when I turn it on wants one! These LED bars are great and would be a neat addition to any vehicle you plan on using at night outside of paved roads!

So for the quality of the product, for the price and for customer service, I totally recommend XSurge when it comes to LED bars.

Contact them and you will not be disappointed.  xsurge-lights.ca - Mention that you’ve read my blog!



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